What Are Basic Hunter Skills?

What should a new hunter learn?

I’ve realised my views on the matter differ a great deal from those of many of my friends. They ask about rotations and I tell them that at level 30, they don’t have much of a rotation. What they need to learn is not an EJ-approved priority list but something completely different. They need what I consider basic skills of a competent hunter, yet I’ve been repeatedly told that this is the advanced stuff, that they only want the basics. Perhaps to them, basics mean just the rotation, which cooldowns to stack and which not to.

I point to trapping – with and without Scatter Shot; Silencing shot and how to macro it efficiently; jumpshot, kiting and how to use traps on the run; disengage and all it’s creative uses in avoiding fall damage or just getting a head start towards the next mob in line.

Shot priorities will change, sometimes from one patch to the next. The theorycrafters of EJ will crunch the numbers so a beginning hunter can easily check the current prioritity list and secondary stat weights. An experienced WoW player dabbling with a new hunter alt can read those at levelcap and adjust accordingly. The basic hunter skills on the other hand – the utility, the movement, the neat little tricks of our class – those come in from the moment the character is level one and running around with only Arcane Shot on it’s bars.

These kinds of things do change, occasionally. Still, I consider them to be at the core of our class; even when stutter-step has been forgotten and Aspect of Fox removed, good movement and utility skills will continue serving a player in all of the WoW content.

Leave shot priorities and gearing details to level cap. Use your time to learn the enduring skills every hunter should master.

Do you disagree? Leave a note in the comments!

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