Three Ways To Name Your Pet

An important part of hunter identity is in the companion pets we have. In the age of transmogrification and homogenised pet damage, a style-concious hunter will pick the pet based on more than buffs: unique skins, rare tames, colours that suit the current armor mog. However, it’s not enough to simply have a pet that looks good. It needs a name to go with it.

A frost mage will forever have a water elemental – identical, unnamed and expendable. A warlock might choose to summon a host of demons until he finds one whose name isn’t too hilarious when said out loud.

A hunter, on the other hand, will name the pet – name it, care for it and proudly show it off while idling in the Shrine. But where should new hunters start looking for names, when they receive their first companion?

Puns And Jokes

This is quite possibly the most common pet name theme and although I prefer to stay with the more “serious” names with my own pets, I haven’t been able to resist the temptation completely.

Examples include Ruta who has a raven called CAWCAWCAWCAW and a seagull known as Chipstealer – and there must be dozens, if not hundreds of seagulls named Steven. Another friend confessed to cracking up completely when he noticed that Braindeadly had a crane named Cranedeadly.

Sometimes these names go past jokes and straight into trolling territory.


[Loque'nahak], one of the ever-popular spirit beasts, draws it’s name from ancient Aztec culture. Tloque Nahuaque (“Lord of the Near and the Nigh”) was one of the epithets of Tezcatlipoca. The one in my orc hunter’s stable is called Yohual – modified from Yohualli ├łecatl, another name for the same god.

You will find almost any pet family mentioned in some mythology from around the world. A spider could be named after the West African trickster god Ananse; an owl can be Minerva or the older etruscan variant Menrva. While many of the greek gods and monsters are well known and recognised, you can dig a bit deeper and find fitting names that aren’t quite as common. Instead of calling your corehound Cerberus, honor his brother┬áOrthrus instead.

Roleplaying Resources

Finding names on roleplay servers usually means going through lists of names from a language which seems appropriate for the character’s race (not necessarily because of cultural similarities – sometimes the language simply sounds right). I’ve scoured the internet for native american name for a tauren, used a sanskrit dictionary for blood elves and swahili for trolls. The same resources can always be used for pet names too, with the added benefit that pet names will never be unavailable.

The Unnamed

I must confess that my pets went without names for a very long time. At first I wasn’t sure which one I would want to keep for roleplaying and later on I learned that a raiding pet must always be the best for dps – at the time this meant wolf. Before 25-slot stables I avoided naming pets simply to not get attached to them.

Perhaps overly sentimental, as nothing could replace the wolf before pet buffs got a rework in Cataclysm, but it did make clearing the stables out feel less like abandoning old friends. As a remnant of this time, my favourite pet is officially named Bird. After a time of referring to it simply as [carrion] bird, the name stuck.

What do you use as inspiration when naming your companion? Is your stable full of cats named Cat or rares proudly showing off their original names from before the taming? Share your pet names in the comments!

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16 Responses to Three Ways To Name Your Pet

  1. Ruta says:

    Don’t forget the best name ever devised for a pet, Gerald.

  2. Dalvir says:

    My first “serious” pet was a black lion (back in Vanilla) and I had to go through a lot of trouble waiting for it to spawn. I named him after my own black cat, albeit slightly altered. My cat is called “Daas” and I called the lion “Dazer”. A name I found attracting due to it’s simple English pronunciation and the personal insider-only link to my beloved pet Daas.

    My second pet was an Avian Ripper that I named Mallard, after Drake Mallard, the alter-ego of Darkwing Duck.

    My third and last pet is a Spectral Wolf (tamed from a Grimtotem Spirit Guide too! Lots of fun that was) that I named after my favourite videogame dog: Fallout 1′s Dogmeat.

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  4. shelly says:

    Back in other online games I used to do the research for my pets names like my korbat (bat type of pet) which I bakke which popped up in my research. As for my wow pets, one cat named Stephan, a pair of tall striders, a pink and purple named flam and ingo and the majority of the others I have yet to name , oh and a porcupine named porcupette. I love that they changed how the talent trees work with pets so I can use the porcupine to tank with :D

  5. Folay says:

    I name every one of someone in the raid group, so when and if it dies there is a big raid warning saying so and so died.

  6. starzein says:

    All my pets are named for animals that dont yet make an appearance in Azeroth, I have a koala a goose a kangaroo a walruss even a duck, i did make a few mistakes but 22/25 are correct in that they are the only animals of that name in game….I did this because early on in my hunter days i spent hours trying to find a mob id seen on my minimap called worganpet, it turned out to be a hunters pet not a mob but my day of searching was enough fun to maybe give another hunter this thrill and i have had whispers from hunters who tried to track one of my pets only to find it was a name not a type they were hunting.

  7. Jaeger says:

    Mythology/famous characters, scientific names, and foreign languages are mostly what I use.

    For example:
    Vrachos (turtle) means rock in Greek
    Uchuujin (sporebat) means alien in Japanese
    Voland (devilsaur) means devil in Old French
    I have a corehound named Orthrus just like you mentioned. LOL.
    Gullinbursti (boar) is a golden boar from Norse mythology
    Hymenoptra (silithid) is the insect order containing ants, wasps, bees, etc
    Sarramantis (fen strider) comes from sarracenia, the family of North American pitcher plants, and mantis, as in preying mantis.
    et cetera…

    And I have a tan wolf named after a dog I used to have, Crow. She was a german shepard – st. bernard mix and had a similar look to the tan wolf model in game (obviously, less ferocious looking but anyway…)

  8. Onemorebeer says:

    I use the title “brewmaster”, I play beastmaster and all my pets have beer names. Except monkey, that’s Squirtarse.

  9. Enethe says:

    I usually name my non-rares after friends. Like how I have a sporebat named Mehtomiel ;)

    But on a serious note, I tamed Loque’nahak, and that’s the pet I’m using 24/7 on my hunter. I named him Stark – partly because Loque reminded me of Loki, which reminded me of Tony Stark. And Stark in swedish means.. well.. Strong!

  10. veladora says:

    i usually go the mythological route, but have been guilty of puns as well. my fire turtle is called Whakamaru, from one of the biggest volcano eruptions in history. i used to call chromaggus Chromaggus, but then other hunters would ask me where i got him and i realized that if i changed his name (and those of other hard to find skins) it might inspire hunters to get curious. so i changed his name to Tanatos (for some reason, it wouldn’t let me use Thanatos….?) , the god of death. my quillen is Eros, Tanatos’ counterpart and the god of love (will probably change when i think of something more fitting.) i have a sporebat called Qthulu and a warp stalker called Toothless, so named from How To Train Your Dragon because the skins look similar.

    my favorite joke names: i have an eagle called Colbert, a raven called Quoth, and my Savage has been renamed Invisicat.

  11. veladora says:

    it just kills me when you keep the name of the rare tame and hunters are STILL too lazy to look online to figure out where to find it!

  12. Sarama says:

    Someone put levitate on the stupid monkey and I am forever being called “Sarama the flying monkey”. But Im not bitter…

  13. Sango says:

    My very first hunter pet was named after my favorite pet cat that had recently died. Since then, I’ve taken diferent approches to naming the pets of my various hunters. I tend to stick to either naming pets after characters from anime/game/cartoon (Deth’tilac became Naraku, Ban’thalos~Kagura, Ghostcrawler~Tidus, Winna’s kitten~Cringer, Terrorpinne~ Kamehameha [ok, it's a DB technique, but still counts!] i.e) or after their appearance (Grubthor~ Sunny, sunburst adder~Ruby i.e). I also will name pets after favorite songs/bands (Atreyu [also a character in a movie], Sessou i.e), do partner names to my hunter (Sango + Kirara) or finish the names of characters from tv/film/book (Hamish + Mcbeth, Alastor + Moody, Odd + Thomas i.e). And if all else fails, I’ll just give them a ridiculous name like Fluffykins ;)

  14. Ismena says:

    I’ve tried to keep with a tradition of naming my pets after animals in fiction – literature, movies, TV shows or even mythology at times. So I’ve got two cranes named Fraiser (black and white like in a tux) and Niles (he’s got a green skin). I’ve also got a goat named Bernard. Its hysterical when people know or figure out where those names come from. There’s Glimfeather the Owl and Morgrim the Wolf, Liir a Red Wind Serpent, Mopsy and Flopsy the sporebats, Zazu the carrion bird, and Shenzi the hyena. Currently though, for sure – Fraiser and Bernard are my favorites.

    • Ruta says:

      Funny enough, two of my pets are named after a TV show, I have a ravager called JimHacker and a dog called Humphrey, named after Jim Hacker (unsurprisingly) and Sir Humphrey Appleby from classic BBC Sitcom “Yes Minister” – one of my favourite shows of all time.

      • Tharien says:

        One of my vanity pets (the sinister squashling, don’t ask me why) is named Humpy after the same Sir Humphrey of Yes Minister fame, particularly referencing the Napoleon Prize episode…

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