The Utility Of Binding Shot

When previews of our new talent trees came in, I was less than thrilled about [Binding Shot]. After my experiences with traps in arena and trying to position Explosive Trap under Hagara in Dragon Soul, the thought of yet another ability with those targeting and triggering issues was not welcome. It took a while, but now I’m finally seeing the niche for this talent – in 5-mans, in Challenge modes, perhaps in unrated PvP and even in the occasional raid encounter.

A poorly-designed [Shadowfury] is still a fairly accurate description; not only is the stun reliant on the targeting circle and has the small flight-time delay when triggering but it also demands the targets to actually move in order to stun. The limited range (30 yards) is a nuisance if anything, but as BM I’m already dealing with several abilities with even shorter range.

By far the best use of Binding Shot is on any trashpull in Challenge modes. Announcing the shot gives your tank sufficient warning to kite the pack a few yards to trigger the stun. Together with Shadowfury, [Capacitor Totem] and [Shockwave] you can stun a trashpack until they are no longer a threat to your tank’s continued survival. It can of course be used in heroics for the same effect, though telling a pug tank to move a few yards may prove to be a hopeless task.

In PvP I would primarily spec for Silencing Shot but there is a certain kind of gleeful joy in queuing for Arathi Basin or Eye of the Storm with Binding Shot and glyphed Explosive trap. Bind, trap and watch them fly down a cliff while stunned; cackling is optional but fun.

In raids a stun like this is difficult to time so it doesn’t become more a nuisance. You have to communicate with your tanks well in advance! The first fight to come to mind was Elegon; when the floor returns and your tanks rush back with a horde of Cosmic Sparks on their trail, a well-timed AoE stun may save some healer mana.

I admit that the last one is really stretching it in terms of finding a use for this new talent of ours but as I see it, we have been given a lemon; maybe we can make something fizzly and preferrably rogue-killing out of it.

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  2. Linken Lam says:

    I agree with the fact that Binding Shot will see relatively little use in PvP compared to Silencing Shot. The only arena comp where you would use Binding Shot is a triple DPS team without any casters, and that’s pretty rare to see. Even then, Silencing Shot is useful because it can stop hunters from using traps or changing aspects, death knights from using certain spells, etc. Silencing Shot seems to be the default pick. It will come into use though in duels.

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