Stop Those Casts

The impending removal of Aspect of the Fox means that hidden behind all the rejoicing in hunter community, a few macro and keybind additions may become necessary even for more casual PvE hunters.

Stopcasting macros have thus far been – aside from a few special occasions – limited to the PvP side of business. Interrupting a steady or cobra cast is rarely worth it during a bossfight; without finding some serious theorycraft on the matter I believe it would only be justified for an urgent backup interrupt.

When we leave Aspect of the Fox behind and start casting on the move by default, there is quite a potential for moments of “oops”.┬áPreviously we could swap aspects and it essentially functioned as a /stopcasting macro but this will no longer work. No matter how much you jump, that cast will not cancel. As it was when we gained the ability to autoshoot while moving, I expect to see some accidental pulls happen especially in 5-man content with it’s fast-paced mowing down of trash.

The way around this new-found method of wiping your group is simple. In the standard game menu is the section for keybindings. Squeezed between Interface Panel Functions and Camera Functions one can find a small section of Miscellaneous. The very first available function in this subset is called Stop Casting. Binding this to the key previously assigned to aspect swap macro will give you a way to avoid those embarrassing moments in LFD.

Another way to achieve the exact same effect is of course to make a single-line macro:


For a persistent clicker this may be a valid option. (Don’t worry, you can be rehabilitated and learn how to use keybinds!)

Those who PvP will have even more reason to macro their utility shots with the stopcasting line; when a death knight is closing in, different keys for stopping that cobra and the needed concussive shot is already too much delay.

As the lone exception, Silencing Shot does not need the addition of stopcasting. It will trigger even in the middle of a cobra/steady. Unfortunately this convenient functionality does not extend to tranq, scatter or other utility shots. For myself, I will keep my Silence macro for the utility offered by mouseovers and focus target.

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