One Step At A Time: The Crumbling Hall

After reaching exalted reputation with the Golden Lotus, the only reason to return to these dailies was achievements. To this end, I spent some time in Guo-Lai Halls – it happened to be entirely deserted, to make this step as difficult as possible.

The Crumbling Hall is known for it’s mogu statues that have a chance to wake up when a player enters their melee range. These statues are extremely fickle; they will sometimes let a flood of players pass without so much as a flinch but come to life with a fateful melee swing the moment you try the achievement: complete the quest without taking damage from any source.

An often-repeated advice is to do this achievement during the rush hour, to make sure someone is passing the statues just ahead of you. This won’t guarantee anything but will better your chances. However, hunters have a way to cheese this step regardless of the realm rush hours.

Your first step is to talent [Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera]. This will reduce the cooldown of [Deterrence] to one minute. Second, set your heartstone to Shrine of the Seven Stars / Two Moons. Third, use [Aspect of the Cheetah] for an easy alert of taking damage.

The key for this part of the achievement is to make sure you have Deterrence active any time you are forced to pass a pair of statues. A lonely statue can usually be circled around in safe range – the real danger is in statue pairs. Dropping pre-emptive traps on lonely statues is recommended though, as it will make sure that in case of missteps the mogu will be promptly frozen.

To be on the safe side, always activate Deterrence before entering melee range of a statue. Feign Death as you leave melee range to make sure that if a statue did wake up, it won’t be following you further. Wait for Deterrence to be back up in safe spots; stairways are good for this as the falling rocks only drop on level parts of the floor.

Once you have completed the quest, hearthstone back and return to the npc. On this step be extra careful with fall damage – jumping down instead of using stairs or dismounting too high up will cause the achievement to fail.

Good achi-hunting!

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