Old World Rares – Mazzranache

On the plains of Mulgore, one may encounter a pink tallstrider Mazzranache – followed by the four critters Hazzranache, Razzranache, Jazzranache and Spazzranache. Together they patrol around Thunderhorn Water Well, south of Thunder Bluff.

For horde, this rare is easy to get to. Both Thunder Bluff and Bloodhoof Village have flight paths nearby, and any other animals in Mulgore will be under level 10. Alliance members will have to run in from Southern Barrens (levels 30-35), passing The Great Gate. The closest flight point is at Fort Triumph.

Taming Mazzranache is easy, as it has no special tricks. The only thing alliance hunters will have to pay attention in Mulgore is avoiding horde settlements on the way.

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