Looking For a Fight – Part 4

Advancing to rank 6 things are starting to get a bit nasty. Here you will have to push some real dps out to make it past the enrages.

The first fight is the strangely familiar Yikkan Izu. Like his predecessor in Setthekk Halls, he will cast a Screech but it never was a problem for me. The real trick is in controlling his bird adds; a flock of four spawns every 8 seconds. If you let them all live you risk being pecked to death but if you kill 5 within four seconds Yikkan will enrage.

I chose to completely ignore the birds and simply burst Yikkan Izu down before the adds got to be a problem. If you are confident in your kiting abilities, you can kill all the birds as they spawn and simply keep your distance, completely ignoring the enrage. The third option is to make sure to only kill four birds at a time – this is what melee players have to do.

  • Useful glyphs: Animal Bond, anything that helps you kite

The seond fight is against our old friend Akama. The broken is clearly a shaman – he will summon Spirit Wolves and cast Chain Lightning which will quickly get painful. Interrupt as many lightning casts as possible and pay attention to the Shadow Blades buff on him; tranq it off immediately.Not happy with mere lightning, Akama has also picked Thunderstorm from the elemental side of shamanism. The knockback does some damage so keep away from his melee range.

This fight is not easy for a hunter. After a few deaths to figure out his abilities (I may write guides but I didn’t feel like reading any myself!) I chose to kill a few of the wolves and simply kite the rest along with him. The lightning casts happen slightly more quickly than Silencing shot is off cooldown so use anything you can to delay the cast – feign death, shadowmeld, scatter, intimidation, pet interrupts – whatever you have available.

  • Talents: Silencing Shot
  • Useful glyphs: Animal Bond, Mirrored Blades, Scatter Shot, Tranquilizing Shot
  • Utility pets: Spirit Beast, anything with a stun or a silence

Third you will face off against Smash Hoofstomp, a tauren warrior with his two lucky goblins. In order to make it before enrage you must start by killing the lucky goblins. Hoofstomp will periodically channel a shield in front of him. This will deflect every attack but conveniently expose his back – simply move behind him and continue dps. To make sure you’re not tempted to stay in melee range for too long, he will Hoof Stomp every once in a while. This deals moderate damage and should be avoided.I kited Hoofstomp around the arena until he channeled his shield. When he stopped to deflect, I used my Posthaste-talented Disengage to quickly get behind him.

  • Talents: Posthaste, Binding Shot, Blink Strike
  • Useful glyphs: Animal Bond, Ice Trap, Black Ice, Disengage
  • Utility pets: anything with a stun

Unguloxx <The Murderaffe> finishes up this rank, giving us an easy fight before we move on to where the real hurt begins. As highly mobile ranged, all we need to do is to kite the hard-hitting animal around in a circle and hit it like we mean it. The enrage didn’t seem particularly tight but it’s of course highly gear dependent.

  • Talents and glyphs: nything that helps you kite
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