Looking For A Fight – Part 2

On this second part of Brawler’s Guild tricks I’ll go through the rank 3 fights. I assume that some may try these in heroic blues with the occasional LFR lucky drop thrown here and there; anyone running around in fully upgraded hard mode epics will find that overgearing the encounters takes care of many hurdles.

For those with bad drop luck, this is territory where spec, talents and glyphs start to make a greater difference. The ones I list are what I found working for myself or could imagine working if I had the chance to go back to a fight already beaten. Figure out what works for you and leave a note in the comments!

Rank 3

Starting with Blat, we have a trap for the unwary. This ooze will frequently split and continue multiplying throughout the fight. Don’t let this fool you – keep your eyes on the original and don’t waste any AoE on the copies.

The adds move slower than original Blat but once the floor starts to look like a giant moving slimewall, you need to make especially sure to never let them hit you. One single ooze will tickle; all of them at once will eat through your healthbar faster than a dwarf chugs a beer. The occasional slow on them will make kiting easier and optimally, you slow only the adds, letting Blat put some distance between itself and the copies.

  • Spec: BM – Survival’s Entrapment is a high risk to your pet.
  • Talents: Binding Shot, A Murder of Crows, Glaive Toss
  • Talents to avoid: Lynx Rush, Barrage
  • Useful glyphs: Ice Trap, Black Ice, Explosive Trap
  • Glyphs to avoid: No Escape – the critical strike bonus does not trigger from Ice Trap

Second on this rank you will face Sanoriak. This fire lizard is fairly simple for a hunter – with one mandatory talent. With several different casts to choose from, Silencing Shot will make an appearance here. When I did this as a hunter I interrupted whatever happened to be casting when Silencing was available; later on my enhancement shaman alt I had to stop Fire Wall since it felt the most dangerous cast on this fight.

Sanoriak does have respectable melee damage for a caster so keep out of his way. Concussive shot should be sufficient – again, beware of Entrapment when your pet is near the boss.

  • Talents: Silencing Shot
  • Useful glyphs: Mirrored Blades, Scatter Shot
  • Utility pets: Nether Ray, Moth, Gorilla

Ixx has a surprisingly high kill count to his name considering how straightforward the fight actually is. This kunchong -type bug has a lethal frontal cone attack similar to that of Garalon. The whole fight revolves around avoiding the swipe.

The method I see suggested often is to run through him when he casts the attack. This tactic comes with a catch; you must stand halfway inside his hitbox and run immediately to make it in time. Of course standing in melee will cause a higher amount of damage and anyone trying it this way may wish to spec for Exhilaration, glyph Animal Bond and take their Spirit Beast along regardless of buff situation.

Another way is to keep far enough to never be in range of the swipe. This turns the fight into kiting practice with little to no margin for error.

  • Talents: Exhilaration
  • Useful glyphs: Animal Bond, anything with kiting utility
  • Utility pets: Spirit Beast

Last on rank three is Mazhareen, a familiar look from Scholazar Basin. The buff on this cat reveals the trick – the lower it’s health, the harder it hits. For a class as good with kiting as hunters, this fight is easy. To make sure you survive without a tick of damage, utilise traps, Binding and Concussive Shot. If you are at all unsure of your kiting skill, use your dps cooldowns when Mazhareen is on half health or thereabouts to burn through the dangerous part of the fight as fast as possible.

  • Spec: BM – Intimidation is the perfect tool for this fight.
  • Talents: Binding Shot
  • Useful glyphs: Ice Trap, Black Ice, Explosive Trap, Disengage, Cheetah
  • Utility pets: Bat, Wasp, Shale Spider, Warp Stalker

I’ll catch up on last week’s downtime on tuesday; check in for a few more ranks then!

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