I’m a bit too ill to continue with the regular posting schedule for the moment but here is something to keep your minds occupied – Anita Sarkeesian at TedXWomen.

For further reading, see Check Your Bias: Female Agency in Warcraft at Out of Context.

I’ll return with more Brawler’s Guild talk hopefully sometime during the weekend.

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One Response to Interlude

  1. Susi says:

    My apologies to anyone reading the bias article – it’s a monstrously long and unedited rant, in response to a discussion that was had in guild chat on the topic. I’ve whittled it down to a much more concise and readable form, but not yet hacked it into English.

    The central argument of the piece stands, though – sexist representations of women aren’t “just fiction” being “taken too seriously” by “man-hating feminazis who don’t understand fantasy”. Both psychological and feminist research, done independently of each other, show that the things we see and never question the things we learn to accept as normal. If we don’t remind ourselves there is a bias at work, we risk starting to think the bias doesn’t exist at all – that male heroes just *are* more capable than female ones.

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