Grumpy’s Woes

As I’ve mentioned before, I raid in a 25-man group – among other things, this means that I’m usually free to choose my pet based on looks. Of course I had to be contrary and choose Grumpy, my purple quilen.

With the number of battle resurrecting classes in our raids on any given run, it’s a rare moment when I have to get someone on their feet with [Eternal Guardian]. Sometimes it happens that I’m there first or other cooldowns are still a few minutes off but there’s still one snag to get past in order to actually res someone. It’s called the “Your pet is out of range” message.

Eternal Guardian’s range is a pitiful 20 yards. While the pet is still attacking, getting the res off between globals is exceedingly hard. However if you call the pet back, it’ll likely be out of range of the floortank. Running around the room looking for the corpse with a passive pet in tow is too slow to be effective.

Maybe there’s a trick to this I’m missing – I don’t need to ress all that often, maybe I just need to ask our shamans to tank floors a bit more so I can practice getting them up. But with the move-to command not working reliably, I’ll start by asking nicely: please, devs – give our eternally frowning quilens some more range!

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4 Responses to Grumpy’s Woes

  1. Enethe says:

    I feel the same way about the spiritbeasts healing ability! If someone needs a quick heal and my pet is off murdering stuff, I have to chase the person in question down. Some more range would have been lovely.

    Also, Grumpy is the best name for a Quillen. Just look at their smushy little faces!

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  3. Tabana says:

    I’ve found Eternal Guardian to be awesome for LFR, where others with the battle res ability often don’t seem to even notice that someone important, like the main tank, had died. I always use a quilen in lfr now, and my pet has saved several runs. However, I agree that the range issue makes it a cumbersome ability to use in a hectic raid environment where people are spread across the map. An alternative to increasing the range might be to build in a Fetch-like component, where the pet automatically runs to the corpse to res it.

  4. Nemes says:

    The short range on the CR is quite annoying, especially when you need to check around the room for the corpse while dodging boss mechanics.

    I raid in a 10 man guild, in which we’re only me and a warlock who can CR. It’s often I end up being the one to has to CR a player. The best way to do it in order to keep up the dps aswell, is just to ress inbetween KC’s, using the pets “Move To” ability in order to get close enough to the fellow player who needs the CR.

    I hope they increase the radius of Eternal Guardian, or as Tabana suggested, making it a Fetch/Charge like ability towards the targeted player.

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