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For all the choices offered to us with the new utility and vanity glyphs, I find I change them very rarely. One set for PvE, another for PvP and a few special cases – my PvE talents have more variety to them than glyphs nowadays!

My basic PvE major set is now [Glyph of Animal Bond], [Glyph of Misdirection] and [Glyph of Marked for Death]. I consider Animal Bond to be mandatory, while misdirection is in because of the interaction with Glyph of Direction. A misdirect without cooldown regardless of target is simply too good utility to pass. MfD is the one I switch out for some raid encounters: if I have to make sure I survive heavy damage, [Glyph of Deterrence] takes it’s place. Examples of fights where I do this are [Feng the Accursed] and [Blade Lord Ta'yak].

For minors I use [Glyph of Fetch], [Glyph of Aspect of the Cheetah] and [Glyph of Direction]. Cheetah makes the aspect usable in combat so I consider it mandatory; Fetch is a fun semi-utility thing for a lazy hunter. Direction is a cosmetic change I only use because of the cooldown of MD – without it, I would use [Glyph of Aspect of the Beast] both for nostalgia reasons and for the occasional moment of sneaking.

My PvP glyphs don’t change at all anymore. For majors I use Animal Bond, [Glyph of Master's Call] and [Glyph of Explosive Trap]. The choices in PvP are difficult; I won’t claim these to be the best – they simply fit my playstyle.

For PvP minors my choices were Aspect of the Cheetah, Aspect of the Beast and [Glyph of Revive Pet]. All of these offer some (even if very small) utility or potential for it, though especially Revive Pet is questionable since my first move at pet death is to use [Heart of the Phoenix].

Of all the glyphs available, [Glyph of Stampede] and [Glyph of Aspects] are the ones I never use. While Stampede does save you time from checking every active pet for growl before instances, it is a potential dps loss. If the primary pet’s Rabid is on cooldown, it will be on cooldown on the cloned pets as well. As for the vanity glyph of Aspects, I realised early on that with my quick aspect dancing, the death noises of all those miniature animals would drive me nuts.

How about your standard glyphs? Want to convince me to swap something out? Leave a word in the comments!

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  2. CaribaLd says:

    I did not know about the bug with Glyph of Direction, that’s pretty interesting… I wouldn’t have figured that one out myself, as I have never used that glyph.

    In PvE, I consider Glyph of Marked for Death mandatory. I would for sure swap Misdirection out rather than MfD, even with the bug, as I don’t feel more than one MD is worth anything in the majority of cases on raid encounters (Feng is one of them, now that you used him as an example). It will cost you a global sometime during the fight, as I’m pretty sure that fight lasts longer than five minutes :) Of course, if you have other hunters in the raid who use MfD, that won’t be the case.

    I usually use Marked for Death, Animal Bond and Disengage for pve. Disengage is the one I swap out – for example I like to use Glyph of Ice Trap on Will of the Emperor (I play surv there for the insane amount of rooting we get with Entrapment), and on Garalon, Glyph of Deterrence helps the healers a tiny bit when used <1 seconds before his Crush ability. Also, for Challenge Modes, I will use Glyph of Pathfinding to increase the movement speed of the group.

    For pvp, I agree with Animal Bond. Master's Call can be dispelled or spellstolen, so I only use that glyph situationally. Same deal with Glyph of Explosive Trap and Mirrored Blades – if I face a caster team, I'll use Mirrored Blades, and if I go on Blade's Edge Arena or Dalaran Sewers, I'll make sure to get Glyph of Explosive Trap.

    For soloing, it's pretty simple: Glyph of Mending, Glyph of Misdirection and Glyph of Animal Bond.

    In general, I find myself swapping glyphs a LOT, probably even more than talents, but I swap those around as well :) I usually use Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera (mandatory for heroic Will of the Emperor, good on Garalon etc), Silencing Shot (but Binding Shot for Will of the Emperor), Aspect of the Iron Hawk (but Spirit Bond for soloing), Dire Beast as BM and Thrill of the Hunt as Surv, Lynx Rush as BM (sometimes Blink Strike for soloing if there are many targets and one specific target needs to go down) and AMoC for Surv (Lynx Rush in Challenge Mode to be able to get it off every cooldown; AMoC won't be able to tick out), and Glaive Toss.

    That got pretty long! Hope you find my opinion useful :)

    Oh, nearly forgot, for minor glyph I use Glyph of Revive Pet instead of Direction, because as I said, I've never used Glyph of Direction before :p

  3. Mehtomiel says:

    Our raid has a total of four active hunters in it, so for me MfD isn’t quite as important – I’ll swap it in for some fights (Elegon and Will as quick examples) but on single-target ones there’s simply no need for it. Ice Trap for Will is something I considered but I’m now dancing with melee to get Opportunistic Strikes so others see to the traps. Should’ve remembered to mention it, though!

    Good point about the Pathfinding, I honestly hadn’t even thought about using it for Challenge modes. But in there, misdirect without a cooldown is even handier… I might just stick with the glitch!

    On talents I agree completely, though with the added note that Barrage+gun+Raining Blood = awesome. (Thanks to Ruta for teaching me this.)

    In PvP I find that Master’s Call still works for me – because I don’t play at high enough ratings for the other team to realise that they can steal the buff off me! While I had focused charges and stuns on me every time I used Trap Launcher in Cataclysm, I haven’t had issues losing MC. Maybe if we get to higher ratings. Explosive trap gets used as a general peel so I want to keep it around.

    Mirrored Blades is something I would have a lot of fun using. I’ve once used that reflection to bounce back a polymorph, but fun as that was, it felt more like a toy and not worth losing a knockback or long Master’s Call for!

  4. Kaneli says:

    “As for the vanity glyph of Aspects, I realised early on that with my quick aspect dancing, the death noises of all those miniature animals would drive me nuts.”

    I couldn’t bear to use this at first with those wee animals dropping dead when it expired, but it was changed pretty quickly. Now they just fade away without death animation or sound, so it’s one of my default pve glyphs. :)

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