Dr Bizmo: How I learned to stop worrying and learned to love the Brawl

Hello again people, Ruta here, back to serve another portion of non-standard blog delivery here at The Wild Hunt. Since last time I posted, there have been a few changes!

Patch 5.1 has landed! And that brought one interesting point for me: The Brawler’s Guild. Initially, my opinion on the place was low, especially since the initial announcement that the invites would only be found on the Black Market. However, they rectified that, by including them as drops from the new faction rares, however, Lady RNG blessed me with her kiss, giving me my own invitation to brawl. So, who was I to deny this? I hopped my kite to Stormwind and hit the Brawler’s Guild.

And what do I think of it so far?


Stepping into the battle arena isn’t just a way to entertain yourself, and show off to others (admit it, we all want to look pro in front of others) – but for the players like me, who aren’t exactly top of the skill chain, it’s a school. These fights are designed to test everything a good PvEr needs: Reaction time, situational awareness, DPS performance, the works! As it stands, I have only reached rank 5, and am making schoolboy errors on the final battle of that rank, but I am having immense fun while I do it.

In addition, while not being a PvPer myself, I assume that players who like to PvP can also hone some of their reaction skills here, but I am sure they will prefer the uncertainty of the battleground or arena for that. But I can see myself learning new skills in this place that I could probably apply to PvP, should I ever dare venture there.

Not only that, at least on my server block, the community in the brawlpub has been nothing short of excellent, players from multiple servers interacting in a friendly manner, sharing buffs, banquets, resurrections and combat tips. Everyone who turns out appears to have a good time, cheering on the winners, and consoling the runners-up.

So, what tips can I give prospective brawlers?

  1. Stay calm.¬†One of my main reasons for failing on some brawls was that something would happen and I’d immediately fall into a panic mode. Keep a cool head.
  2. Experiment. Don’t be afraid to try a new glyph or a different talent, or if push comes to shove, a new spec! You might be surprised, trying a Survival spec may actually work for you in ways you never realised!
  3. Don’t be afraid of failure. Like 10 or 25 Man raiding, a failure isn’t a bad thing. You can learn from your mistakes, and as a result, know better for next time. In addition, these battles also have a short enrage timer on them.
  4. Pets need good management! These battles have limitations for hunter pets. They are not tauntable in the traditional growl respect, and some even appear to have a hidden mechanic that deals extra damage to pets. However, I think this is a good thing, since it means that hunters can’t just rely on their pets to do the legwork, meaning lazier hunters who want to succeed will have to step up.

I know this may seem like a gushing love post, and in a way, I suppose it is, but I really do suggest that if you can get your hands on an invitation, do so. The Brawler’s Guild is one of the best features I’ve seen in WoW in a long time.

About Ruta

Ruta is a hunter, a former Dwarf, now Pandaren and a hard-mode raider in the Steamwheedle Cartel-EU raiding community Unity. Ruta's also a former officer to a now defunct RP guild, eager Engineer and general nuisance.
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4 Responses to Dr Bizmo: How I learned to stop worrying and learned to love the Brawl

  1. Mehtomiel says:

    I love it. Even if the Dark Summoner is horrible and should die in a fire. Step on in, buy the regulars a round when you win for the first time… and don’t mind the blood on the floor.

  2. Hanmei says:

    Yep, I became someones biggest fan after they won a brawl in the ring. It does look cool, I’m just spectating up in the bar, ressing the poor unfortunates and crying into their beer with them. And hey, maybe I’ll get to say “G’Day Bruce” up close and personal :p

  3. Dannelor says:

    From what I’ve seen so far, it’s been brilliant. Anybody (which means nobody) who’s met me before will know that I am not remotely close to a ‘proper,’ PvEr. Or even a PvPer. My focus is pretty things and characters; but I really -would- like to get in on the action here. The fights look well designed (or at least fun) and very engaging, the setting itself is brilliant; my little gnome rogue fits right in.

    I also enjoy watching this lot get killed. That rarely happens – you learn to make the most of moments like that when they come along. >:D

  4. Ramutharu says:

    On the subject of the PvP connections – one thing that i rather hope is that the brawlers guild proves a rather nice place for people to get over PvP anxiety. Sure, you can learn skills there – but that’s also stuff you can find on the internet. The thing i’m hoping it manages to provide, which you mention, is an active place for a person to practice them and get comfortable doing them all. Ignoring arenas just for Gxp, its pretty daunting to a lot of people to first step into PvPness, when its a fairly different set of skills, and because its actively against another person, its far more “oh god, don’t screw up in front of them and let friends down” – you have to be good straight off the bat without any learning curve.

    Brawlers seems to allow both a place to practice the skillset, and a place to get used to other players actively judging your performance (which is different from raiding with people, it just is – doesn’t require explanation). I rather suspect we’ll get a fair few people getting over that entry anxiety from some good performances on the sand. Or metal in your case because you are on the wrong faction.

    Fully expecting the new Ruta cameo to involve “so, i stepped into arenas recently, here’s a first timers perspective”

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