Brawler’s Guild Rank 7 – Dark Summoner

Welcome to the brick wall of Dark Summoner and his pet-killing, rage-inducing ghosts! At the time of writing, the three servers who share our Brawlpub boast a total of 35 kills – some of them the result of a bug that drops Summoner on the arena when an easy rank 1 fight is going on – while Summoner himself has defeated itinerant brawlers 1302 times.

The dps check on this fight is formidable and favours classes/specs capable of short, heavy burst damage. For hunters this means that the optimal spec would be BM but Summoner’s mechanics make this very tricky.

At the start of the fight, Dark Summoner (3,93m hp) will be invulnerable. To remove this shield you must kill the periodically summoned ghosts that have 358,4k hp each. To make matters interesting, these ghosts will oneshot you and your pet from approximately ten yards away unless stunned until dead. You will be given an approximately 15-20 yard long “flashlight”, a cone of light emanating from your chest. This light stuns a ghost as long as it is pointed directly at it.

Your spec will determine how you must deal with the ghosts. SV and MM will leave their pet on Summoner regardless of immunity and kill the ghosts from a longer range. A BM hunter needs to get up close and personal because sending your pet to a ghost that is not in the flashlight is a death sentence.

In addition to the deadly ghosts, you must deal with Summoner’s melee (40-50k) and Shadowbolts (70-90k). Trap the floor and use concussive shot to slow him and keep your eyes on the castbar; he will always cast shadowbolt after summoning a new ghost. I found it easiest to set Summoner as focus and use a focus-targeted silencing shot on him.

RNG plays a big part in the fight as the ghosts can (and occasionally will) spawn right on top of you. Looking at the arena from ceiling down may help you to spot a ghost spawn behind your back before you die. Take no risks with the range; if a ghost is not stunned, it will kill you. If you are cornered, Deterrence will give you five seconds to move to a safer spot.

If the ghost spawns happen in a good pattern to give you breathing room, focus on limiting their number. You can’t kill them all but try not to have more than two up until the very end of the fight.

Every buff you can beg off the onlookers will help you beat the enrage. Cover the ones you lack with a complement of stampede pets and stock up with buff food. Prepot with Potion of Brawler’s Deftness – you may need to use a health pot during the fight. Bribe a warlock for healthstones, they are a great help. In other words – do as I say, not like I did. After giving up on a better weapon (the gods of rng were not on my side) I spent valor points to upgrade my LFR bow and went in with only [Sauteed Carrots], Power Word: Fortitude and a completely random stampede.

  • Talents I used: Crouching Tiger, Silencing Shot, Exhilaration, Thrill of the Hunt, A Murder of Crows, Glaive Toss. Due to the high focus cost of Crows I only cast it during Bestial Wrath. A point to remember is to use Exhilaration before Readiness!
  • Glyphs: Marked for Death, Animal Bond, Mending
  • Pets: Spirit Beast, any missing buffs / debuffs
  • Consumables: Sea Mist Rice Noodles, Flask of Spring Blossoms, Potion of Brawler’s Deftness, Master Healing Potion or Life Spirit, Healthstone
  • Gear: At the time of killing him my average ilevel was 489. [Fang Kung, Spark of Titans] and [Relic of Xuen] were the only valor-upgraded items (2/2).

Good luck – you will need it.

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