Brawler’s Guild Rank 7 – Battletron

Unlike the previous fights at Rank 7, I consider Battletron to be an almost pure gearcheck/target dummy. You do need to avoid unnecessary damage and move constantly, but the real challenge of this fight is to kill Battletron before the unavoidable damage kills you.

Because of it’s high dps requirement, Battletron has been described as the true brick wall of Rank 7. I did not have much trouble with it, since I waited until I’d gained some gear from hard modes before making any serious attempts. Those looking to do this fight with LFR gear will likely face a long struggle and may even end up having to wait until patch 5.2 with it’s upgrades.

Looking at pure execution of this fight, it is exceedingly simple for a mobile class like ours. Battletron stands at the center of the floor, spawns a rotating circle of mines around himself and then keeps zapping at you with his laser. The mines explode on contact – or from contact with your special attacks – and deal significant damage. You must make a hole in this circle and then keep pace with it by strafing around Battletron to dps him through it.

Originally I attempted to explode only one mine, but soon realised this was too perfectionist. Sometimes mines seemed to trigger from stampede pets and Dire Beast; to make sure I keep the explosions to an absolute minimum I changed to Thrill of the Hunt instead. Each explosion deals approximately 90k damage. Two of them was sustainable but if I accidentally triggered a third, I suicided on them to try again. This might have been too perfectionist as well – your mileage may vary.

Battletron sports a health pool of 9.1 Million. I had my DBM disabled as I dislike using it in Brawler’s Guild so can’t tell for sure how close I was to the enrage but I suspect it was only a few seconds away. Looking at pure numbers, Skada reported my dps to be 87 382.8 with my Damage Taken at a whopping 1.45 Million. Of the damage taken, 190k were the two exploding mines and 1.26 Million the unavoidable [Zot!].

Most of my tactics here revolved around staying alive long enough to kill Battletron. I used a glyphed Stampede with a Spirit Beast, with Spirit Mend controlled manually to make sure it’s off cooldown when I use Stampede. I assumed that like with Worm’s Burrow, manually used abilities will get replicated by the glyphed stampede pets when you use it on the original pet. The first use of stampede proved me right – and showed me that it’s better to save Stampede until later in the fight, so as to not waste Spirit Mends on overhealing.

Spirit Mend accounted for 694k of my healing; the rest came from Spirit Bond and the [Glyph of Animal Bond]. A turning point in the tries I had before kill was when a friend saw I was brawling and came over to give me Power Word: Fortitude. I later made a few calculations, concluding that the buff likely made my Spirit Bond tick for 10k (up from 9k), with the total gain during a 2-minute fight being over 50k in heals compared to going in without Fortitude. With the incoming damage measuring in millions this may seem like a small thing, but there were attempts during my two-hour practice phase when Spirit Mend had only a few seconds left on it’s cooldown, a 40-45k hit from Zot! was coming and I had some 50k health left.

To make the dps requirement, I entered the arena with a corehound. I macroed Ancient Hysteria together with an agility potion, used it before Battletron spawned, dismissed the corehound and took out a spirit beast for the rest of the fight. The first Spirit Mend was used to counteract mine damage as soon as they exploded. I used stampede as soon as Mend was off cooldown again, as my health had dropped very low during the first 45 seconds of the fight.

I made the decision to use another agility potion as soon as the cooldown was up at the very end of the fight. I believe it’s better than a health pot – so close to the enrage increased damage will be hugely important and a health pot will not help if you only have under five seconds to live anyway.

If you can’t get a good complement of buffs from onlookers, make sure to scour your local AH for [Runescrolls of Fortitude]. Out of all possible buffs, I believe that to make the biggest difference in countering the high selfhealing requirement of this fight.

  • Specialisation: Beast Mastery
  • Talents I used: Spirit Bond, Thrill of the Hunt, A Murder of Crows, Glaive Toss. Due to the high focus cost of Crows I only cast it during Bestial Wrath.
  • Glyphs: Marked for Death, Animal Bond, Mending, Stampede
  • Pets: Spirit Beast, Core Hound, any missing buffs / debuffs
  • Consumables: Sea Mist Rice Noodles, Flask of Spring Blossoms, Potion of Brawler’s Deftness, Master Healing Potion or Life Spirit, Healthstone, Runescroll of Fortitude
  • Gear: At the time of killing him my average ilevel was 496. I’ve heard hunters report kills with as low as ilvl491 – lower might well be possible though the selfhealing requirement of this fight will make it tight.

After passing through the meatgrinder of Dark Summoner and Battletron, the last fight of Rank 7 is a joke. The statistics on my server claimed that Meatball has in fact managed to win 12 times; perhaps there is some difficulty for a melee class. All a hunter needs to do is collect the glowing balls from the ground, dps on the run and finish the fight at full health.

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