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Lin, an itinerant baker. First year student at Stadin Ammattiopisto; a former student of folk music pedagogy who realised that teaching isn't the thing for her after all. While the bowed instruments of folk music still hold a special place for her, the daily bread will hopefully one day come from - bread.

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Reality Check

I’ve now started my first period of on-the-job training at a local business. We’ll stay at our workplaces for three weeks and at the end of it, get graded by our employers and teachers. My workplace was deemed an industrial bakery for grading purposes, although it’s fairly small and much less automated than the other […]


Nordic Pack Expo 2014

On 8th October we visited the Nordic Pack Expo in Tampere. The vast majority of the items on display there were more suited for industrial production with massive quantities, but I did find a few gems for a smaller bakery.                               […]


First encounter with the Princess Cake

While the name of this particular cake might make you think of pink and glittery things, the origin of Princess Cake involves real royalty. It was first created in 1930’s by Jenny Åkerström, the teacher of three Swedish princesses – Her Royal Highnesses Princess Margaretha, Princess Märtha and Princess Astrid.   This was the first layered […]


The Pie Challenge

Last week our teacher issued us a challenge: a pie-baking competition. We were randomly divided into groups of three and each group would plan both a salty and a sweet pie, then bake 4-5 of each. The results would be judged by all our teachers as well as other students, based on taste, texture, looks […]

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